Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wilton Course I Cake

Back in August 2009 I got a friend to take the first Wilton course with me. Wow did I ever learn a lot! And buy a lot...Cake decorating is expensive!

I learned of the existence of cake levelers-a necessity if you don't want your cake to topple over. I also learned how to frost a cake, what tip is what, etc...I'd probably bore you if I listed everything I learned!

Needless to say this cake looks miles better than my other cakes, granted it's far from perfect. I got a bit impatient with the writing but I'm pretty proud of the rainbow. We had the choice to make this cake or a teddy bear cake. I would of had buy the cake pan for the bear cake and I'm cheap so I did the rainbow cake instead. This would have been a great cake for a coming out party! J/k. It's a cute cake for my little Gabe.

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