Saturday, January 8, 2011

Eli's 1st Birthday Cake

Here is the cake I did previous to the purple flower cake.  I made it for my friend's little boy who just turned one.  I'd  be out of business if it weren't for her!
Anyway, I had lots of fun making the trucks.  The little car and truck are made out of gum-paste.  I originally was planning on making the big dump truck out of gum-paste, too, but I thought it would be too heavy and I didn't trust that it would dry in time.  So I made some rice krispie treats, molded it into the separate parts, put them in the freezer and then covered them in gum-paste and stuck 'em together with frosting.  Slightly time consuming, but nothing too complicated.    
Overall it was a fun cake to make.  I also was planning on putting little road signs around the sides of the cake but I thought it would distract from the trucks plus I ran out of time--I was already an hour late to the party trying to put the cake together!  It is white cake with vanilla pudding filling and vanilla frosting.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Purple Flower Cake

Here is my latest cake!! It is a six-inch cake.  It's nothing amazing, just cut-and-paste but I did get to use the clay gun to make the vines.  The flowers are all very sparkly (I love using shimmer dust!!).  It was a fun little cake to make.  My little boy helped. Helped=eating the extra fondant, mimicking me by rolling out fondant when I did, and using the fondant cutters when I used them.  What a cute boy!
I'm looking forward to eating this's triple fudge cake with chocolate pudding filling and fudge frosting- my favorite-even if it was just a store bought mix.  The only complaint I have with this cake is I think that  a 6-inch cake is too small with this looks a little crowded.

Clay Gun Extruder

I'm still waiting on the pictures of my last cake. Hopefully I will get them soon!

Anyway, for my birthday back in November I asked for a clay gun extruder (because as you know clay supplies work pretty well with fondant). I didn't get one for my birthday and then I forgot about all about it. I didn't even put it on my Christmas list, but lo and behold I received one as a stocking stuffer!! "Santa" know just what I want! So of course I got to work after coming home and tried it out...I'll post the pics in my next post very soon.
This is another tool to add to your collection if you work a lot with fondant! Mine came with 22 discs and it works great. My only complaint is that it is hard on the hands-it takes a lot of pressure to get any fondant out. But other then that I love it!!