Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Father's Day Cake

So I didn't make my husband a cake for his birthday a few months ago.  He hasn't forgiven me for it (I thought he was sick of cake so I got him donuts instead, sheesh!) so I figured I had better make him a father's day cake before he divorces me. 
Seriously though, I had a ton of fun making this cake.  Unfortunately, I was in a rush (that happens way too often!) so I was a bit sloppy on the tie.  I also wish I would have made the shirt a different color.  It's just so....white.  It makes it hard to see the detail. 
I wasn't very original in doing this cake either---I just copied the design after some other cake I found while googling "father's day cakes" for ideas.  Since the cake was so white and the tie was so brightly colored and I was in a huge rush (had some friends over for dinner and I wanted to make sure we all had cake for dessert!), the tie stood out in a really bad way.  In order achieve some balance, I improvised and put some blue fondant on the sides, I guess it is supposed to be tissue paper or something.  If I had more time I would have thought of something better.  I think the cake turned out okay despite the glaring white-ness. 
I also tried out a new filling.  Pie filling, actually.  It was key lime and I liked it, but I think it may be a bit tart for the likes of most people, and a bit gloopy for the likes of cake decorators.  It was paired with white cake and white frosting.  Yum!

**Also, this cake commemorates my two year anniversary of Cake Decorating!!  Yay!**