Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Cake

Here is my Easter cake! I made it for an Easter party-thing, I decided since I signed up to bring dessert I might as well make a cake!  This cake was a new experience for me.  For one, I've never made a true sheet cake before (very easy) and I've always wanted to try a Frozen Buttercream Transfer (I will post the tutorial later) and I got to try it out on this cake.  It wasn't too hard and turned out pretty cute I think.  Besides the buttercream transfer, it was a piece of cake decorating the rest (ha. I'm hilarious huh). 
I totally spaced it while picking out the cake mixes...I originally wanted to have it all white cake with key lime filling, but I accidentally bought all different cake mixes! Duh.  So I improvised and used chocolate for the bottom and white cake for the top, with strawberry filling.  Sounds yummy, right?  Not really.  The flavors just didn't mix.  And I couldn't even taste the filling, even though it tasted delicious when I tried it by itself.  Also I really hate the buttercream recipe I have (I use the Betty Crocker recipe).  I made the frosting from scratch, and I think it is just nauseatingly sweet.  So much for all my hard work!  Bleeeech.  I need to find a new recipe that is a bit more mild.  Sorry about the not-so-good tasting cake, for those of you who were subjected to it!  I think it turned out cute enough for being just a sheet cake though. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ladybug Baby Shower Cake

 Here is my latest cake! It was super fun to make.  I made it for my friend who is having a girl and is due the same day as me! Her shower theme was ladybugs, and she requested this cake.  It is strawberry cake with strawberry frosting.  The lady bug, however, is not cake and certainly NOT edible!  The body is made of styrofoam and the head is made from a little plastic ball I cut in half (sorry Gabe!).  I covered the styrofoam and half-ball in fondant, and painted the face with black food coloring.  The antennae are pink wire.  For the name I used my clay extruder and I put ladybugs and a few flowers around the cake.  The mother of honor loved the cake so I'm glad how the cake turned out!    

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Train Cake

 My sweet little boy just turned two! In honor of that, I threw him a train-theme birthday party (he is obsessed with trains).  Of course no party is complete without a cake!
Instead of the two-tiered fondant cake like I tend to do a lot, I thought it would be more fun and kid-friendly if I made a train out of cake.  It was fun and relatively simple to make, though I did have a problem with the back end of the engine falling over onto the yellow car next to it.  Oops.  Probably should have put more supports in it.  Oh well.  It actually held up fairly well despite that.  I let my little sister-in-law decorate it with candy.  It's not super professional-looking or amazing, but I think it was just perfect for a 2-year old's birthday party!