Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Course III Tiered Cake

Here's my finale cake for course III!! Desipite the many many errors, I think it turned out really pretty. I'll confess the problems this cake has on the bottom in fine print. We can just pretend my cake is absolutely perfect :)

No, it's not your imagination...the bottom layer really IS a different color. I frosted the bottom layer with pink strawberry frosting. White fondant doesn't cover colored icing very well. Good to know.
I am pleased with the flowers, for the most part. However, I didn't close off the middle part with the petals very well so a lot of them are showing. Also I should have made the petals thinner.
Despite the course being called tiered and FONDANT, we really weren't taught how to put fondant on a round cake. Also I rolled the fondant out too thin. This cake has tears and bumps gallore.

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  1. Amy! This is so cool! You are an amazing cake decorater. :) Where are you taking these classes at?