Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Few Important Decorating Tips

The last few cakes I posted were quite hideous and I realize now it's because I didn't follow a few very important tips I'm about to bestow upon you (don't you feel special??) I hope my advise will keep your stress level to a minimum when you decorate your own cake.

  1. Keep your work space clutter-free. Maybe you don't have a problem with this, but many (including myself) do. You need a large area of free space when making and decorating cakes. Take the extra time to put back/throw away whatever you're finished working with. Doing this may just save your sanity so you're not tearing the kitchen apart looking for the decorating tip you just had...only to find that it was hiding behind the vanilla that you didn't bother to put back.
  2. Don't rush! Relax. It takes time and patience making a cake look cute. The only thing you'll gain from rushing is sloppy-looking work. Take your time and enjoy decorating! Which brings me to my next point:
  3. Leave enough time to work on your cake. Some people like to think they work better under pressure. Cake decorating will prove those people wrong. A sloppy cake is what they'll get and tardy is what they'll be.

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