Saturday, June 9, 2012

Elmo Cake

 My little guy recently turned three!  He really loves Elmo so I decided to throw him an Elmo birthday party.  I was planning an elaborate cake, but was relieved when I got my hands on an Elmo cake pan (thanks Heather!) because it was perfect for the party, he loved it, super cute, and a TON less work then the two-tiered, fondant cake I was planning on!
This Elmo cake just required piping stars so not a whole lot of skill is needed.   I have a tri-star tip so that made decorating much faster. I did have to put my icing bag in the freezer from time to time because it would get too warm, thus runny icing.  Also I took a toothpick and smoothed out all the holes.   So that's it.  I plan on buying this cake pan for my boy because he loves it!