Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Ugly Wedding Cake

So I was flipping through my wedding pictures the other day and I realized that I had an ugly wedding cake. That's what I get for cutting corners on the best day of my life (well, one of the best).

I really wanted this certain cake from a cake professional in Zion, Illinios but I wanted to save a little $ so I found another "cake decorator" who said she could do the same thing as long as I gave her a picture of it and would do it for way cheaper. Big mistake! Not only did it look crappy (okay I'll admit the set up looks pretty) but she replaced a tier with Styrofoam instead of real cake (which we had specifically asked her not to do) and she tacked on an extra $50 for no apparent reason.

Now that I know how a halfway decent rose looks, I shudder every time I see my wedding cake. Seriously, what the crap are those round things on the cake? I guess my ugly wedding cake left a great void in my life...therefore I am trying to fill it by learning how to decorate cakes.

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  1. Oh My Gosh. I am EXACTLY the same. I got married last April and instead of going with my gut, i allowed a friend of a fiend to make the cake(qualified pastry chef). It turned out completely wrong and not only did it not resemble what i had asked for, it also fell apart in the kitchen, therefore no cake was served at my wedding. On the day, I didn't care too much because I was swept up in the moment. however, whenever I look at my wedding book the last pages of us cutting the cake just bring up all these horrible thoughts of disaster( not what my wedding was entirely). Now I feel a cake coid in my life and have enrolled in a cake making course. Glad I am not the only one who can't stop thinking about my ugly cake.(Ps, yours is waaay nicer than mine was)