Tuesday, September 21, 2010

From Scratch Cakes vs Box Mixes

I bought some cake flour out of curiousity--I wanted to see what, if any difference, it would make in from-scratch cakes. I don't know why I bothered, honestly, because I almost never make cakes from scratch. I don't think I would have noticed a difference if there was. Meh. So that part was a waste.
My reasoning for using box cakes is now solidified thanks to this "experiment". I followed the recipe on the back of the box (just a simple yellow cake recipe). As it turned out, I noticed very little difference between the from-scratch cake and a yellow box cake mix. Seriously, it tasted exactly the same as a box mix, after all that work! If fact, it seemed a little drier than a box cake. Which is good if you're making carved cakes (which I have yet to do) but not so good if you're like me and like your cake moist.
As for box cake brands, I've tried them all, and I like most of them (Pillsbury, Betty Crocker, and Duncan Hines) although Duncan Hines is my least favorite of the "big 3" (I think the cake turns out too dry). The Kroger brand cake mix was awful.

To be brief, I think making cakes from scratch is
generally a waste of time.
Though I must say that the orange cake recipe and the chocolate cherry cake recipe are definitily worth your time if you want to make a cake from scratch.


  1. That is so good to know! Thanks for sharing. On a side note, have you ever tried the extract creme bouquet? It is soooo yummy! I use a white cake mix and put a teaspoon in the cake and use it in place of vanilla in the buttercream. Give it a try! I know you'll like it.

  2. No, I haven't tried it; I haven't even heard of it! Can you buy it and the grocery store? I'll have to look into it, I love trying out new things!

  3. I thought I posted earlier, but I guess something went awry. But it's worth repeating. I agree that for white cakes and probably yellow cakes, you're better off with a mix. But I strongly prefer homemade chocolate cakes over a box. I especially love my chocolate mud cake. I'll have to send you my recipe so you can try it.

  4. Traci: Yes, please send it! I'd love to try it.