Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Baseball Ice Cream Cake

Here is the cake I made using the bake-n-fill set. I honestly didn't plan on decorating this cake (I only wanted to try out the bake set) but I couldn't help myself! The decoration is NOTHING amazing but it it was quick and easy to do and looks a lot better then a big ugly snowball!
Using the bake set was really easy and filling it was simple too. I just followed the instructions and had no problems. I love ice cream cakes so I will definitely be using this set a lot in the future!

Yellow cake, white frosting, and chocolate ice cream. Delicious!


  1. It was perfect when we ate it right after I finished it, but the left over cake wasn't. I kept it in the freezer so the cake part was frozen solid. Ice cream cakes are best eaten right away!