Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Mini Cakes

I checked out a book from the library and it gave me a good idea: Mini Cakes!
They're pretty self-explanatory. They're small cakes that serve about 1-2 people. The instructions said I could make four 3" X 3"cakes from a 13" X 9" pan. Nope. My pan has curved edges so I only could make two cakes. Grrr. I gave these out to a few friends in honor of Mother's Day. I wish I could have made more like I planned. So many deserving mothers! I'll have to do something else for them.
Making these cakes didn't take too long at all, mostly because the decorations were simple. However, it was a huge pain trying to frost them. The cake kept moving when I frosted them because their small size didn't allow for much resistance. Other then that they were fairly easy and quick to decorate. They're nothing amazing but they sure make cute gifts!

One of the cakes. 3" X 3". French vanilla cake with vanilla pudding for the filling and vanilla icing.


  1. Cute! What a good idea! I need to check out some cake books from the library. I'm always looking online, but sometimes having a book in front of you opens up new ideas.

  2. Yeah they're nice because they have step-by-step instructions with pictures. Plus you can bring it into the kitchen :)