Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fondant Roller

Joanne's had a 40% sale on the Sculpey "Clay Conditioning Machine" the other day and I bought one. Did you know it also works as a fondant roller? It sure does! And quite well, I might add. I just grease it up good and turn the crank a few times and I get nice, even sheets of fondant. This machine is a huge time-saver. It works wonderfully for decorations in fondant. It doesn't work well if you're trying to cover an entire cake with fondant; it's just too small. I highly recommend this machine (or one like it) if you work often with fondant. For only $15, this machine is a steal.


  1. That looks like an awesome product! I'm slowly building up my cake supplies, and that looks like a very worthwhile product. I love working with fondant. :)

  2. Yeah its definitely worth the money. I have a TON of cake stuff (and a ton more on my want list), I don't even know where to put it all--I just throw it all in a huge box. Not very organized but it works.