Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lamb Cake

I had bought a lamb cake mold at a thrift store *gasp* way back when and I wanted to use it for my Easter cake. I didn't even bother trying to make the full cake--you all should know by now that me and 3-D cakes do not get along well--I just cut it in half, like I did for the duck cake.

I used cardboard for the base and covered it in blue and green fondant for the background. I tried to make it cute and not like one of these cakes.

I like my idea but the execution wasn't that great. My biggest problem was the lilies--I made 10 of them and they all shattered when I tried to take them off the foil. The Wilton book says to make them with thick consistency royal icing...but that's wrong. Medium works the best I think. My other problem with the lilies was that I used my heavy aluminum foil instead of light foil. Light foil would have made it easier to take them off. Dang. So that's why the lilies look jagged.

Had to post this pic...just had too:

Remind me not to use Red Velvet cake next time. It's just too creepy with this sort of cake! (that sharp knife doesn't help either)

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