Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Daisy Shimmer Cake (Course IV Finale)

Here's my finale cake for Course IV. I already told you about the shimmer dust...I think it really made the cake! I love the daisies too. I admit I just copied the design from the Wilton course IV book, but I did change it up a little. This was butter yellow cake with chocolate frosting.


  1. Wow that looks so good! I totally follow your blog. I've only taken course 1 and that was a year ago, but I've made it a goal this year to take at least course 2 and hopefully 3. I tried your buttercream recipe on a cake I made for my mom's birthday and it was such a hit!! I'll post a picture of the cake on our blog soon. Keep up the posts! I love them! Happy cake decorating!

  2. Thanks girls! I appreciate the comments. @ Kirsten--I'm glad the frosting recipe turned out. I hope you get to take course II...it was by far my favorite!

  3. Those flowers are beautiful! Good job, Amy!!!