Sunday, March 28, 2010

Just Ducky!

We just celebrated my little guy's birthday yesterday (duck-themed, in case you can't tell). It was a blast! The big cake was tons of fun to make--particularly the little duck. I love the way he turned out. I'm pretty satisfied with how the big cake turned out overall. The top layer is rice crispy treats. I almost regretted making the top layer rice crispy treats because the edges of the rice crispies showed through the fondant--even after putting TWO, yes, TWO layers of fondant over it--but when I added the circles, the edges didn't bother me as much. The bottom layers was devil's food with chocolate frosting and chocolate pudding middle. So yummy! The only regret I have with this cake is not making the cake board the same color as the cake. I think it would have looked cooler if it were. Oh well.

This next cake is my little guy's personal cake. I used the ducky cake pan and sliced off a side and used it to make his cake. I didn't bother too much with making it cute (as you can see the handwriting is atrocious!) because I knew the birthday boy would tear it apart (which he did!)

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