Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ships Ahoy! Baby Shower Cake

 I threw my friend a baby shower the other day, and her theme was "Ships Ahoy! It's a Boy!".  I had fun making all the decorations but especially the cake.  The bottom is the cinnamon roll cake mix and the top is confetti cake mix, as requested by the mother-of-honor.  The rope border was especially fun to make...quick, easy, and clean-looking thanks to the clay gun extruder!  I attached the sail boat to the cake by using a short plastic dowel rod.  I stuck the stick end of the sail boat (a popsicle stick was used to support and connect the boat).  Then I put some gumpaste in to keep it from tipping, and then stuck the whole thing in the cake.  It's an easy way to keep cake toppers in place! The lettering annoys me, but that is because the red fondant I used was too soft so I was very difficult to get it to go on the cake right.  Oh well.  Everyone seemed to like the cake so it's all good!


  1. wow you did a FABULOUS job on that. Way to go. That really looks spectacular

  2. Very cute! The rope looks so real. I love how it's even fraying on the ends!