Thursday, January 6, 2011

Purple Flower Cake

Here is my latest cake!! It is a six-inch cake.  It's nothing amazing, just cut-and-paste but I did get to use the clay gun to make the vines.  The flowers are all very sparkly (I love using shimmer dust!!).  It was a fun little cake to make.  My little boy helped. Helped=eating the extra fondant, mimicking me by rolling out fondant when I did, and using the fondant cutters when I used them.  What a cute boy!
I'm looking forward to eating this's triple fudge cake with chocolate pudding filling and fudge frosting- my favorite-even if it was just a store bought mix.  The only complaint I have with this cake is I think that  a 6-inch cake is too small with this looks a little crowded.

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