Saturday, January 8, 2011

Eli's 1st Birthday Cake

Here is the cake I did previous to the purple flower cake.  I made it for my friend's little boy who just turned one.  I'd  be out of business if it weren't for her!
Anyway, I had lots of fun making the trucks.  The little car and truck are made out of gum-paste.  I originally was planning on making the big dump truck out of gum-paste, too, but I thought it would be too heavy and I didn't trust that it would dry in time.  So I made some rice krispie treats, molded it into the separate parts, put them in the freezer and then covered them in gum-paste and stuck 'em together with frosting.  Slightly time consuming, but nothing too complicated.    
Overall it was a fun cake to make.  I also was planning on putting little road signs around the sides of the cake but I thought it would distract from the trucks plus I ran out of time--I was already an hour late to the party trying to put the cake together!  It is white cake with vanilla pudding filling and vanilla frosting.

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