Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Eyeball Cake

I really wasn't planning on making a Halloween cake...till some friends invited us over for a Halloween dinner. I know everyone is probably tired of eating my cakes but I couldn't help myself! This cake was really last minute and I wasn't going for realism at all here so it's not super amazing.

Yum...White cake with raspberry filling (aka eye goop)

According to my husband, the eye is filled with a clear, gelatinous fluid, not red goop. Guess I should have filled it with clear jello!


  1. That is so grossly cool! Good job! I did a wedding cake a couple of weeks ago (my first one!). I'll need to find pics of it and put it on my blog.

  2. Thanks...I'll have to take a look! You're ahead of me I guess...I've never made a wedding cake before!