Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Foodwriters-A Failed Attempt

I bought some Wilton FoodWriters the other day thinking they'd by fun to try. They're basically markers filled with food coloring. You can buy a pack of 5 for like $4. I planned on using them instead of painting on the cake surface like I had tried (somewhat successfully) before. I even practiced working with the food writers before attempting to use them on the actual cake, and everything was looking alright. However, I didn't take into consideration when I was practicing (on a flat surface) that the surface of the cake would be perpendicular, thus forcing me to use the markers vertically which makes it hard for the "ink" to flow.
SOoOooo...when I drew on the cake with the markers held like that the lines came out either too faint and blotchy (using the tip) or too thick (from having using the sides of the marker since basically no ink came out of the point). Pooh. I wanted to draw more (as you can tell there is too much of nothing on the cake), but I stopped because what I had already drawn was turning out so icky.
I think the top turned out okay. I didn't put too much effort into making the strawberries, so they're not amazing. Meh.
Nevertheless, this cake turned out absolutely delicious, thanks to the delicious, sweet, fresh strawberries I used. I'll post more on that in a bit!

Foodwriter markers. They don't work too well on the sides of a cake. Perhaps they'd work well writing a message on the top of the cake.


  1. I think it looks cute! I think the strawberries on top look really cute, too. It's too bad you can't tilt the cake to get a better angle for writing. Or can you?

  2. Yeah, Wilton has a turn 'n tilt table but they're about $75; not worth the money I think!